MILON is a circuit program with smart and efficient machines that allows you to work out your entire body in only 17.5 minutes/lap. It entails both strength and fitness training and your workout is tracked and regulated by your StiL smart card, letting you focus on your performance without worrying about settings, repetitions or sets.


Simple - Follow the circuit and keep an eye on the bubbling water pillar in the center of the room that will tell you when to start each set.

Efficient - One lap in the circuit takes only 17.5 minutes.

Safe - The machines settings are tailored just for you, and your smart card will keep track of them for you.


Everyone with a 12 month (or direct debit) gold membership gets an instruction to the Milon circuit if asked for. To use the Milon equipment you need a smart card with a chip, which can be purchased in the reception for 99 SEK if you do not have one. To book a time for an instruction to Milon, contact the reception either directly or by telephone 0920-492460.

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