Our facility has an area of around 1000 square metres, enough to house a fully equipped gym in addition to the rooms dedicated to racket sports and group training. The gym equipment is modern with free weights and machines, and functional, rehab and stretching areas, making it suitable for both fitness enthusiasts, novices and everyone in between.

Are you new or unsure of the gym environment?
When buying a StiLcard, we offer a free gym introduction including a basic program with exercises.
Please contact the reception to make an appointment.



Work out after your own needs and on your own conditions. A large section of our gym is dedicated to free weights with many and different weight bars, dumbbells, stands, rigs, and benches, in addition to multiple cable crosses. The majority of our equipment is from Star TracⓇ and we have over 80 exercise machines, situated mainly in the machine park but some in other parts of the gym. The Impact and Instinct series are reliable and qualitative gear with a number of machines for each muscle group. The Human Sport with its cable and weight stack is perfect for multifunctional workouts. The Milon equipment takes circuit training to the next level, using your StiL smart card to remember your settings and track your workout to fit your needs. The gym also has separate sections for stretching and rehabilitation training respectively.


In the gym there is a functional area where you will find kettlebells, a jungle gym, Bulgarian training bags, exercise bands, a torsonator, jump boxes, gymnastic rings, medicine and swiss balls, barbells and pull up bars. In this area, we also have two rowing machines and a Woodway Curve - the self powered, manual treadmill.


A slightly smaller and secluded functional area can be found in the functional room on floor 3 (next to the Squash rooms). Similarly to the functional area, it has barbells, kettlebells, rigs, jumping boxes etc., making it possible for you to build and work your own circuit.

THe Small room (Lilla salen)

This room is situated on the second floor and is mainly used for different group training classes such as Yoga and Les Mills Tone. This is also where table tennis is played.

ROOM 1 (SAL 1)

To further increase the possibility of functional training, we have opened up room 1 for this purpose during the hours it is not used for group training. There you can find a 50 square metre wrestling mat, exercise bands, slam balls, plinths, a pull up bar and a large selection of kettlebells.

Room 2 (sal 2)

This large hall, located on the topmost floor, houses a large stage and a variety of equipment. It is mainly used for group training like cardio cross, box, zumba and fencing.

THE COMBAT ROOm (kampsalen)

On the second floor next to room 1, there is a combat room containing punching bags and boxing equipment. It is open at all hours and no booking is required to reserve time in the room, just go in and get going.

Squash courts

On the top floor, there are two squash courts available to book and play in.

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