Sleeping bag


To sleep outside in nature a sleeping bag is a good thing to have, it will keep you warm all night long. The sleeping bags that we have are synthetic-filled winter sleeping bags that have a comfort temp of -9°C. Synthetic filling means that even under humid conditions it can keep the heat, the comfort temp indicate the temperature you can handle without freezing. For cleanness, we also provide a cotton sheet that always must be used in the sleeping bag. Don’t forget the sleeping mat for comfort and insulation from the cold that comes from the ground.

Size: Long and Regular Comfort temp: -9°C

Upon return: 
The cotton sheets must be washed and the sleeping bag must be clean and dry when you return it. Do NOT wash the sleeping bag, it is kept clean by using the cotton sheets. Ventilate the sleeping bag before returning it. Animals or smoking is not permitted when using the sleeping bag. 

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