Nordic (ice) skates



When the ice has covered the lake, Nordic ice skates are the perfect way to discover the nature. You can both enjoy the first ice in the autumn and to Isbanan the center of Luleå. For beginners a pair of ski poles can be good for stability. When riding on thin ice, you should always be at least two who go together and always have a dry set of cloth with you. The ice pike is used to examine ice thickness during the start of the Nordic ice skating season. If the accident should occur and you or your mate ends up in the water, use the throwing line to rescue the one in the water, the ice prods can be used to get up on the ice again.

Includes touring skates (BC bindings) and shoes, also to a limited extent a safety package comprised of a throwing line, ice prods with a whistle and an ice pike.

Shoe sizes: EU 36 – 48

Upon return: 
Touring skates are only allowed to be used on ice. Make sure the rails are dry and clean before you put the skates together after use. All equipment must be clean and dry.

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