Crosscountry skis



The skis are meant for the times you go out on a trip to explore the woods, the archipelago or the mountains, it is a great way to discover the snowy nature. The steel edges provide a good grip when riding on a slope. These skis are not suited for places where there are ski tracks, for those occasions Classic skis are more suitable.

The package includes WAXLESS wide skis with steal edge and BC bindings, shoes and poles (with wide baskets).

Ski length: 175 – 210 cm
Pole lenght: 130 – 150 cm
Shoe size: EU 36 - 48

Advice: If you are an experienced skier you can use up to 20 cm longer skis than your height. For beginners the recommended length on the skis are the riders own height. The pole should reach to just be below your shoulder.

Upon return: 
The equipment must be clean and dry.

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