When hiking or doing other outdoor activities that require a lot of packing, it is important to be able to bring everything in a simple way. With a backpack that can be well regulated to the body, the trip will be a lot more fun. For best adjustments of the backpack the waistband should be tightened and placed on the hips, the weight of the backpack should be on the hips (not on the shoulders). By tightening the straps on top of the shoulder straps, the backpack will come closer to the back and thus become more stable.

If you are shorter than 170 cm a backpack of 55 l is recommended but if you must have 70 l you can ofcourse use it anyway. If you are taller than 170 cm the 70 l back pack is best because of the length of your back. Recommended max weight: 15 kg

Upon return: 
The equipment must be clean and dry.

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