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Thai massage is based on a 2,500-year tradition using stretching, printing along so-called energy lines and hints of acupressure for well-being and body therapy. The influences come from both China and India. Thai massage suits most people - from athletes to the elderly. Provides deep rest and relaxation, is good for relaxing. Regular Thai massage stretches out joints and muscles to their normal hibernation and leads to the whole body feeling better.

The massage is performed on the floor of thin mattresses and the masseur uses not only his hands but the whole body, such as forearms, elbows, knees and feet. Many grips and postures in Thai massage are reminiscent of yoga positions.

To keep in mind: You as a customer wear soft clothes, e.g. sweatpants, tights, linen or t-shirt.

A treatment takes 90 min and you book yourself at the bottom of the page.



Massage is an old and well established treatment that stimulates circulation and strengthens the muscles, and balances their interaction with the bones and skeletal structure. We offer classical massages of either 30 or 60 minutes.



This type of massage consists of different grips, trigger point treatment, stretching and elongation of muscles. It differs from classical massage in that it is not done for meditative purposes, but rather to relieve pain in local or regional parts of the body. One treatment takes 60 minutes and can be performed by most of our massage therapists.



Hot stone massage is a holistic treatment, where the therapist uses warm basalt (lava) rocks and aromatic oils. The heat from the stones enhances the ability to reduce tension and relieve stress, and enables the massage to reach muscles deeper within the body. Hot stone massage gives the recipient a feeling of serenity and well-being.
The hand polished volcanic stones contain minerals and iron that are absorbed through the skin and allows the stones to retain heat for a longer time. This treatment is an excellent complement to a number of different massage styles.



This massage type is a deep full-body treatment used to loosen tight and stiff muscles and joints. It is performed with oil and heated bamboo sticks of different sizes, enabling both deeper treatment and access to trigger points. This results in a comprehensive therapy that can relieve tension and stress effectively. The treatment time is 60 minutes.



We also offer sitting classical massage in a massage chair. This is a great alternative for those who have difficulty lying down and relaxing on a massage bench. Treatments are either 30 or 60 minutes.


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Price for members* Classical Treatment Hot Stone Bambu Thai
Half body (30 min) 400 kr --- --- --- ---
Full body (60 min) 600 kr 700 kr** 700 kr 700 kr ---
Full body (90 min)  900 kr --- --- --- 900 kr
Standard prices Classical Treatment Hot Stone Bambu  Thai
Halvkropp (30 min) 490 kr --- --- --- ---
Helkropp (60 min) 690 kr 790 kr**

800 kr

800 kr


Helkropp (90 min) 990 kr ---



990 kr

 *Member with active StiLcard.
**45 minutes (from 1 september 2019)



A massage can be booked as early as four weeks in advance, and at the latest 24 hours in advance.


During the first 13 weeks of the pregnancy, it is not recommended to get a massage due to the higher risk for miscarriage. After week 13, massage is a good way to treat any tension you might feel in your body. Later during the pregnancy, the sitting massage is a great alternative if your belly is too large to allow you to lie down. Both classical and hot stone massage can be performed in the seated position. To book a massage during your pregnancy, contact the reception in good time so that we can book the right masseuse and prepare the treatment.


Cancelling an appointment is done at the latest 24 hours in advance. If the appointment is missed and has not been cancelled, the fee is the same amount as the price of booked massage.

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