Lockers for rent

Would you like to have your own private locker in the gym for all your workout gear?

You can now rent a locker from us!


6 months: 300 SEK (50 SEK/month)
12 months: 480 SEK (40 SEK/month)

Are you interested in renting a locker? Swing by our reception the next time you are visiting us and we will set you up with one.

The rental periods are fixed, i.e. one or half a calendar year, and you only pay for the remaining months of the rental period. In other words, if you wish to rent a locker for half a year (1st January to 30th of June) but it is already February, you need only pay for the remaining five months (5 months * 50 SEK = 250 SEK).

6 months
January - June
July - December

12 months
January - December

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