About our physical therapy

Hanna Niemi and Markus Ekberg work as physiotherapists here at StiL Physiotherapy!

Both Hanna and Markus have their own compensation agreement established with the county, they are connected to the health insurance and work according to the ethical rules and guidelines set by the Swedish Association of Physiotherapists and The National Board of Health and Welfare.

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Since 2007, you can book an appointment with a physiotherapist without a referral from a physician.

The price for one visit is 200 SEK from the day you turn 20. If you are younger than 20 there is no cost. Students and employees at LTU pay only 100 SEK at their first visit.

A free card is valid for seeing physiotherapists. We recommend that you photograph the card with your telephone so that you have it with you for every visit.

You are eligible for a free card at 1100 SEK, meaning that this is the largest amount you will ever pay for medical care by doctor or physiotherapist visits in one year.

Filling in a high-cost card (that when filled gives you a free card) is your own responsibility. The cards are available in the reception at StiL.



We use treatments that are scientifically proven and approved. Our goal is to give every patient the best opportunity to reach their goal for rehabilitation from the diagnosis, independent of if the goal is to return to work or to compete in competitive sports.

When seeing your physical therapist for the first time, there will be a thorough examination to ensure that both parties have as much information as possible to find the best course of action to reach the objective. It is however the therapist that ultimately decides the treatment. Progress checks are performed continuously, both objectively and subjectively.

Hanna and Markus both have many years of clinical experience from the profession and are competent in a large range of treatments. We also use training for rehabilitation, where you as our patient get the opportunity to train in StiLs facilities, with adjustable equipment suitable for all individuals during the entirety of their rehabilitation.

If you wish to train outside of the hours when your physiotherapist is on duty, you must discuss it with him or her. It is important to know that if your physiotherapist is not present when you are training, it is no longer considered rehabilitation but instead wellness training, which is at Your own risk and the patient insurance is therefore not valid.


Registering your visit is always done before the appointed time in the reception at StiL. This is also where you pay the fee or show your free card.

Our waiting room is one floor above the reception and there is an elevator available. The treatment rooms are bright and clean, providing a nice environment for your visits.

There is a large parking lot in connection to our entrance and it is free of charge for our patients.

The reception is always available to answer any questions you have regarding booking or cancelling an appointment with your physical therapist.

Together with our associates at StiL we can offer you a wide range of services in physical therapy, rehabilitation, preventative health care, sports medicine and wellness training.

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Best regards
//Hanna & Markus, Mitt Livs StiL Physiotherapy

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