As of 1 July 2019, the fee for membership in Style is paid separately and per year (financial year of the Association, 1 July-30 June).

See below for more info what this applies to you with training card (StiLkort & section Card).

Membership at Studentidrotten i Luleå (StiL):

Period: 1 of July until 30 of June
Price: 195 sek/year

Paid in connection with the purchase of training card, StiL-/Sectioncard at StiL.

Membership in StiL

If I already have a trainingcard at StiL, when should I pay the membership fee?

- Purchased card before 1 May 2019: Contact the front desk and pay the membership fee the next time you visit StiL. We will also arrange so you can pay the fee through our website.

- Purchasing card during the period 1 may-30 june 2019: Membership for the year 19/20 will be included in your trainingcard.

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